baby toupee

I don’t have a clue how I found this. Or if someone sent it to me or what. I think the craziness of it completely erased all memory from before I saw it. Wait, who am I, what am I doing here? What’s this curvy thing with a small dot below it, after this last letter?

I am part proud, part ashamed to bring you

And they simply do as their name says. They make wigs for small people.

Don’t worry, see:

It’s fun and safe for all children. Not to mention, hilarious.

They have a couple of standard styles.

There’s the Bob:

Not to be confused with the classic ‘bob’ hairstyle, this ‘Bob’ is styled on Bob Marley.

They also have The Samuel L:

The Lil Kim:

And of course, no toupee collection would be complete without…

And to round their crazy off nicely they have a whole section where parents can upload various pictures of their babies wearing wigs.

Here’s The Donald himself:

Baby says: ‘You’re fired!’ Then goes off and marries Miss World Russia and together they have a baby made out of solid gold. True story.

So people have sent in a ton of awesome pics of their babies in wigs. This one is The Bon Jovi:

And Fletch over here is rocking The Samuel L:

Here’s another Donald someone sent in:

Too funny!

Pippie Langkouse not so happy now.
More of The Samuel L:

And Little, Lil’ Kim:

Cuuuuutttteee man. Until she turns thirteen and becomes devil spawn.

The next is a personal favourite.

Because if you can’t dress your child up and laugh at them, what’s the point, really?

Another Donald. It’s just always funny.

Thank you makers of little wigs for little people (and the odd dog) you made me laugh. And that’s saying a lot considering it’s a monday.

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