awkward boners

this is mad.

i’m warning you.
completely absolutely totally mad.
consider yourself doubly warned.
in the big wide out there place called the internetweb, someone has a website called

don’t say i didn’t warn you.
it’s where people post photographs they’ve nabbed of awkward boners.

like this one:

Guess the water’s not that cold

i’m not entirely sure what officially constitutes an ‘awkward boner’. the site doesn’t clarify. but i’m guessing it’s when a boner um er… pops up in an awkward or inapropriate situation. such as this one:

spidy clearly thinks miss spidy is hot.

nadal, maybe a little too excited to win.

i’m guessing now everyone knows what his super power is.

i always suspected wrestlers were a little um er.. awkward, if you know what i mean. rolling around the floor together in one piece unitards getting hard ons. hello.

this wrestling team somewhere in eastern europe wrestles with jesus on their side, and are aparently generally unbeatable in all competitions (except the not-getting-a-boner-while-rolling-around-in-spandex-with-another-guy competition).

i’m surprised there aren’t more mixed sex wrestling competitions. oh wait there are. they’re called sex.

go go power rangers.

altogether a little too excited to be on the cover of ‘Ride!’ magazine. was the editor blind? (you know what causes blindness, right?)

a rickshaw ride with a happy ending anyone?
maybe that’s why those girls are both grinning so much.

more excited wrestlers.
and i think that’s more than enough awkward boners for today. particularly if you haven’t had your coffee yet this morning. ew, i feel kind of dirty now.

7 responses to “awkward boners”

  1. Juz says:

    Bwha ha ha!
    Maybe I should take up wrestling – they’re getting all the action.

  2. Juz says:

    Can you believe it, the little verification text box just asked me to type “booer” – SO CLOSE!

  3. Juz says:

    and now it asked me to type “kockn” – jeez!
    Okay I’ll stop commenting now.

  4. you’re right, this did come with a warning. I won’t send the bill for permanent retinal damage to you. “Ride” is classic. Who does their cover shot editing?…obviously NO ONE!

  5. Paige says:

    yeah i thought it was a post that required a double warning. sorry about that, i think i’m going through a smut phase. i’m sure it will pass eventually.

  6. I like how the one lad was clearly turned on by Jesus. Or remembering his sunday school teacher.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I Took wrestling, there were afew not bad looking openly gay guys, but out of all the guys, none of them got a hard on D:

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