awesome movie quotes #4 and 5.

ok, it’s a rainy weekend, so i’ve got movies on my mind.
and chimpanzees who can do handstands, but that’s another story.

possibly one of the funniest movies of all time. particularly when you’re so stoned you mistake your fingers for nik naks, because somebody thought it was a good idea to pull out a bong one friday afternoon some years ago. not that that happened to me, i’m just saying.

there are so many classic quotes in this movie, but i’ll just pull out two of my faves. maybe ‘the bastard’, ‘mr hollywood’ or ‘the evil genius’ can help me out over here, cos i don’t remember them word for word. or maybe they just won’t say anything and they’ll carry on pretending i’m still not rocking the casbah over here all by myself, goddammit!

there are a ton of cool characters, like borris the butcher and umm… yah well, take my word for it, there are a ton of cool characters.

and they say things like:
“on the one hand i have a gun. on the other hand i have five fingers.”

and other things like:

“one day you’ll look back… and there’ll be a great big man standing behind you holding a gun.”
(and in the movie there really is. a great big man standing behind him holding a gun.)

or maybe you had to be there.

3 responses to “awesome movie quotes #4 and 5.”

  1. ok, ok, I have to comment…I quite enjoyed the babushka doll dance with the bomb at the end. His name was Spencer and he drove a mean Mini round a traffic circle. By the way, it was a Saturday.

  2. ‘bastard’ at last. yes yes, you’re right, it’s almost all coming back to me now. his name was indeed spencer.

    but i’m pretty sure it was a friday at ‘the evil genius’ house’.

    you must have smoked too much dope in your youth and it’s clouded your memory.

    ps: what kind of bastard sends two ‘xx’?

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