awesome movie quote #3

ok, so it’s not really a movie, but he’s made a couple of movies since this, so it still counts in my book. and i know, i know, it’s old, but it’s still lol funny, which makes it worth repeating in my book.

anyway this is transcribed from an interview ali g did with posh and becks for comic relief. the really funny bit is at the end, but this run up to the punch line is pretty good too.

Ali G: so what’s your little nipper called?
POSH: brooklyn
AG: orright and how did you come up with that name?
P: well we found out i was pregnant while i was on tour in brooklyn.
AG: so had you hactually done it there?
P: no we didn’t do it there.
AG: ah for real.
P: we did it in denmark if you really want to know.
AG: hey how come you never called him denmark. that would be a well good idea though what, cos if me and my julie had a kid we would call him langley village, well his full name would be the bogs in kfc, in langley village.
so tell me, does brooklyn like your music or is he getting a bit old for it now?
P: he does like music and he’s also into football as well.
AG: so do you want him to grow up to be a famous footballer like his dad. or a great singer… like mariah carey?

wahahahaha classic.

hey ‘bastard’, ‘evil genius’, ‘mr hollywood’, anything?

you’re really not the most vocal as far as a panel of movie buffs goes, are you?

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