artsy fartsy friday.

really? are we at friday again? fuck me, that was quick. next thing you know it will be the ‘m’ word again.

ok, there are a couple of artists to choose from this week, because i couldn’t decide who was better. pass comment please, i’m curious to know which you prefer.

the first lot are by a lady named robin cameron. she has a zine, it’s a over here:

for all you other laggards like me, and for you mom, i looked it up. here’s the definition of a zine:

zine- (zēn) n.

it’s short for magazine.
An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication, sometimes online.

behind door number two is something a little different. these are by a clever and arty fellow named Zach Saucedo. is it just me, or does he have an extremely poncey, irritating name?

he lives here:

so, what do you think? door number one or door number two? or neither?

One response to “artsy fartsy friday.”

  1. lisa says:

    Oh my def door no 2

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