arm-wrestling death match roundhouse kick

one of the best things about my job is working in a studio with a bunch of monstrously young and creative guys and girls. so no matter how old and jaded i get, all i have to do is saunter over to captain stu and adonis’ desk, or hover around mr chicken and miss rose’s desk for a crash course in what’s new ‘n hip ‘n cool.

‘mr mac’ is a website designer of genius who sits a couple of desks away from me.

he made this for a laugh:

it cracks me up.

but also begs the question: who would win?

One response to “arm-wrestling death match roundhouse kick”

  1. it’s a close one.

    norris has the roundhouse kick, and segal has that thick hair pulled back into an always greasy pony tail.

    might be too close to call. but i’m going to go with segal. he does after all have that oddly oversized head which might give him a mental advantage.

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