apostrophe catastrophe

hi, hope you had a nice weekend.

(if all the images in this post aren’t showing up, please try refresh your browser, we’re all a bit glitchy on this monday morning. not sure why. sorry.)

last week’s post about the world’s most racist desk (over here) got me thinking about how rife apostrophe abuse is these days.

partly because we all smoked too much weed when we’re at school, and partly because… nope it’s mainly just because we all smoked too much weed when we were at school.
it seems the apostrophe has been flummoxing people for decades.

apostrophe catastrophe is a website where people like me, who don’t get laid enough, can go to vent their frustration about the abuse of the apostrophe. nerd much?

check out some of these beauties. or rather, check out some of these beautie’s:

oh no wait, maybe that bowl actually belongs to Penny.

and again, maybe that piece of old cardboard actually belongs to Sweet Plum.

cdses, dvdses and gameses. sheesh.

he he he, maybe that sign behind it should say ‘wet floor’s’

the your, you’r, your’e, youre confusion continues. eish.

but it’s not just the apostrophe that’s getting the better of us. it seems the quotation mark gets a bit of a regular belting too. which is where this website; unnecessaryquotes.com comes in handy.

there’s something about quotation marks that are incredibly sarcastic, don’t you think?

i always imagine someone doing those immaginary rabbit ears with their fingers when they say the word that’s couched in quotation marks.

like they’re not actually all that special.

they “are”, really they “are”. exclamation mark, exclamation mark! ok, easy tiger. deep breaths.
then there’s the quotation mark missuse and overuse sitation, as per below:


ha ha ha it’s not really free.

here by “daily” i think they mean some day last week, sort of, but not really.

ok, that’s more than enough nerding for one d
ay. tomorrow more smut. have a happy Moanday.

8 responses to “apostrophe catastrophe”

  1. heh! … some good example’s there … but I dunno if you can blame the “weed” …

  2. Paige says:

    wahahahhahah “weed” wahahahahahahahah nice “one stoned crow” wahahahahahahhaa *breathe* wahahahahahahhahaa.

  3. wozzel says:

    k. i still smoke too much weed Paige, but i kinda know how to use an apostrophe. You are right though, people have lost respect for apostrophes. or is that apostrophe’s?

    shit. i dunno. I’m going to smoke a joint.

  4. Paige says:

    hey, don’t get me wrong, i’m all for weed, it’s just the apostrophe i’m trying to protect. toke on, dude. toke on.

  5. Fran says:

    I am amused and offended at the same time! My grammar senses feel abused now hehe.

  6. Funny. An article about apostrophe abuse and you never used any capital letters. Mmm, a capital crime? 😉

  7. Gail says:

    hahahahaha so true, this would not bug me so much if i got “laid” more often 🙂 and david – no caps!

  8. Paige says:

    Ha ha David, you’re right, i didn’t think about the caps conundrum. shit. um that makes me a grammatical hypocrite i suppose. me and ee cummings both, lol.

    my friend James is a language boff and he told me that english is the only language in the world that capitalises the personal pronoun, ‘I’. or at least i think that’s what he told me.
    i’m not sure if it’s true, but if it is, it’s pretty cool.

    wahahahaha gail, you rock.

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