anyone for ping pong?

Doorway table tennis anybody?

I came across this somewhere online. I’ve gone and managed to lose the link, otherwise I would have credited it. Sorry man.

I think it’s a very cool idea. From what I can gather you just wedge the table into the doorway and play on.

There are not many other sports i can think of that you can play in a doorway. In fact, I can’t think of a single one.

Rugby? Nope – you can barely fit one player through a standard sized door, imagine if two tried to go through at the same time, carnage.

Badminton? Nope the net needs to go higher, wouldn’t work.

High jump? Again, carnage and beheadings.

Chess? Possible, but somehow still just as boring as the original version where you don’t play in a doorway and there’s the added problem of nobody being able to get through the door and traffic backing up.

Doorway sports, I’m not altogether sure it’s going to be such a big hit, but perhaps still worth a try.

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5 responses to “anyone for ping pong?”

  1. Brilliant Deems thanks for that link, i ran out of search time.

    David, i was wondering that. is it a picture pasted on the door? hard to figure out.

  2. The inner portion of the door unlocks and swivels horizontally and locks into place to act as the ping-pong table. From the picture above it does look a little like they’re playing one another through a mirror, but not 🙂

  3. Deems, you’re right, oh my goodness, that’s flipping clever. I just figured it out properly now after your comment. Seriously, that rocks!

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