And we're off

Today is an important day. A day that’s wearing sunshine and high heels, and later maybe even some champagne.

Today A Girl Walks into a Bar launches as an e-book in SA and UK.

SA edition                                                       UK edition

It’s the first ever choose-your-own-adventure erotic novel.

Which means you get to choose what happens. Wanna shag a rock star? Do it. Wanna shag a hot young barman? Do it. Wanna just go home to a cup of hot chocolate, go for it.

Together with my co-authors, Sarah Lotz and Helen Moffett, we like to think of it as an erotic comedy. ‘Cos sex is sexy, but it’s funny too, if you know what I mean.

Ladies, fire up your Kindle, gentlemen, start your engines. Please pop over to Amazon and check it out, it’s almost sure to have a happy ending.

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