and now for a commercial break.

it’s your choice, you can stick around for this commercial break, or you can pop to the loo (don’t forget to wash your hands), or you can go look in the fridge again just in case a tray of brownies or a whole roast chicken has appeared next to that lonely wedge of mouldy cheese since you last looked. staying? ok, good.
this book is really cool. it’s called touch’ and i picked it up at the cape town book fair a couple of weekends ago and devoured it in two days. it’s a whole lot of short stories written by amazing local authors (but the good ones, not those other ones) on the theme of ‘contact’. andre brink is in there, my friend (name drop, name drop) alistair morgan is in there, my other friend (i know, now i’m just getting pretentious) lauren beukes is in there. my new friend emma van der vliet is in there.
now don’t just rush out to your favourite book lounge now and buy it because all my friends are in it. (really, i don’t know any of the other authors, promise) all the proceeds from the sale of this gem of a book are going to research for hiv/aids, so it’s not something these authors are using to line their pockets with gold.
and just because it’s for aids research, please don’t think that all the stories are serious and about dying orphan children, no, not at all. the stories are all just lekker and funny and clever and you will like them all, you have my money back guarantee. not that i’ll give you your money back, but i might, but i won’t have to, you’re going to love it. so go get it.
bring up the logo now, and pack shot please, and cute but clever pay off line, and emotive music, and fade to black.

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