anatomically correct tattoos

some people just have strange thoughts. it’s a fact.

but things really start to get crazy when those strange thoughts are then translated into actions.

and then things like this happen:

a nice big bowl of crazy for breakfast anyone?

i can only imagine the internal dialogue these folk had went something like this.

PERSON: i can’t decide what tattoo to get. hey i’ve got an idea, maybe i’ll just get a picture of what’s directly under my skin, done on top of my skin. cool, yeah, i think i’ll do that.

and this is what results:

yes, he now knows his hand, well, like the back of his hand.

rad. is that shark’s tooth supposed to hint at how his skin was torn open in the first place?
and here’s the Hannibal Lecter illustrated recipe book:
hope you’ve had your morning coffee. seriously, you should know better than visiting this site before you’ve had your morning coffee.

an acurate map of your veins anyone.
heroin addicts love this one. makes mainlining so much easier.

now that one is cool. no reason why if you have to lose an organ, you can’t just draw it back in again. it’s just like having the real thing, only slightly less functional, and makes a rad party trick. what is that? are there any doctors in the house? an appendix? a liver? anyone?

studying medicine? doing your anatomy exam?
you want to sit behind this guy.

aw cute man. in a creepy, crazy, not cute at all kind of way.

yes class, and these are your ovaries, see.
and Mrs Jones wondered why she was everybody’s favourite teacher!

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