amish online dating.

good friend fuzzy juzzy found this. (*aside for fuzzy juzzy, what’s with the empty ninja toe, dude?) i wasn’t too suprised when he found it, that boy spends a lot of time surfing dodgy stuff online.

but seriously, is it really a dating website for the amish? really?

so i went and logged in. i’m not having much luck with the un-amish on my own dating website, so i thought i would see what’s out there amongst the amish for a girl like me. Hey i could live on a farm and feed those things, what they called? with the beaks. or milk those cow things. i could be amish, no problem. specially now that i hear they have the internetweb. at least i wouldn’t be the only laggard in the barn.

pity it’s an online prank. i had high hopes. i was going to fill in my deets and see what i could find.

imagine having sex with this guy:

or this guy:

fun i bet. and not strange smelling at all!

turns out you can click through from the Amish online dating site to this joker:

and he’s on twitter.

i’m left wondering what the point of it is? any ideas? it seems like he’s gone to a lot of trouble. for what i’m not sure.

pity it’s a prank. i’m going to have to go back to dating the freaks and lunatics from the city now.

5 responses to “amish online dating.”

  1. FuziJuzi says:

    Ha, ha, ha! Ninja Toe has nothing on it yet, because it will (one day *sigh*)be an online comic. I’m busy creating it for Aerin because its based on stories I made up for her when she was little.

  2. PracticalKat says:

    I think that the point is that the Amish do not use modern technology as part of their belief system. Not even electricity. So “Amish On-line Dating” is obviously a prank.

    And probably very offensive to practising Amish.

    Not that they should know about it..

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is very rude and disrespectful to Amish Culture.

  4. Paige says:

    hi anonymous,

    i’m sorry if this has offended you.

  5. Dating says:

    And probably very offensive to practising Amish.

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