Am I missing something here?

This evening I received an email from an estate agent who shall remain unnamed.

Oh go on then, it was Kapstadt Properties.

I’ve attached it here for you:

Click on it to enlarge

Okay wait, so let me get this straight… you have a house for sale, but you can’t tell me how much it is. But would I like to see it and maybe buy it?


Is it just me, or is that a little nuts?

Especially coming from someone who is in an industry that is already skating the edges of trust. They really don’t do themselves any favours.

What’s the big secret?

@Gabbles17 on Twitter suggested I mail them back and say I’d like to buy it, but I can’t tell them how much I’m going to pay for it yet, but they’ll see once I’ve done the eft.

So I did. I haven’t had a response yet, perhaps they’re sifting through the millions of responses from people keen to waste their time looking at a house they don’t know if they can afford. Or not.

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