all the art direction you'll ever need.

ok, i’ll say it:

i’m a wannabee art director.

or as some call it;

a back-seat art director.

or as the actual art directors call it:

‘a pain in the ass’.

leave your seat in front of your mac vacant for even a second and i’m all over that thing. fucking up your settings and not knowing how to ‘send something to the back’.

which is why this cool thing that @FuziJuzi sent me made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh then hiccough and laugh and laugh and laugh some more. and then made me jump on your mac and post it right here on the blog.

it’s all the bad art direction you’ll ever need. it’s the mother load.

happy friday art directors, designers and other people.

and apologies that both of todays posts are about advertising/design/art direction stuffs. i don’t normally go there, but i kinda had to today. more smut from monday. that’s a promise.

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