A Traditional Chinese Girl Walks into a Blind Date

It was a real highlight to receive the Taiwanese covers for The Girl series, which have been translated into traditional Chinese characters.

We absolutely love these covers, which are completely different to anything any of the other countries have done.

And our Taiwanese publishers have done so much more than just turn the covers on their heads, they’re taking a whole new approach to publishing the series.

They’ve decided to change the order of publication, launching with the third book, A Girl Walks into a Blind Date, first. Followed by A Girl Walks into a Wedding, and finally they’ll launch the first book in the series (A Girl Walks into a Bar) last (jacket design still to follow).

They think the concept of a blind date and internet dating will resonate more than anything else for Taiwanese readers and that it will be a more powerful way to launch the series.

We think it couldn’t be more appropriate to the choose-your-own-adventure theme, that the publishers are choosing what order to publish the books in.


Third book first


Second book, still second.

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