A nice December surprise

One of the perks of having my sister and her hubby, ‘Pliss Man Marc’, and their three incredible kids here from London for the December holidays, besides, of course getting to have them here for the December holidays, was that my sister nicked this mag off the plane:

I’m never entirely sure – are you allowed to take it? I know it’s complimentary reading, but is that just while you’re onboard? Or can you take it with you? They don’t really make it clear, do they?

If anyone at SAA should want it back, please feel free to contact me and i’ll make a plan. Although I must warn you, there is now a tea stain on page 7. And someone may or may not have dropped a piece of peanut butter toast the wrong way up on page 12. (Sorry!)

Anyway, we digress.

The pupose of this whole post is that my sister inadvertently stumbled across this wonderful review of my latest book, This Way Up, in the december issue of the very lovely Sawubona Magazine.

click to enlarge, so you can read it if you want.

So maybe if you couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not (now out in paperback for just R130) hopefully this lovely review might sway you.

Thanks for spotting it Stephs and Pliss Man. And thanks SAA/Sawubona.

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