a more sober loerie weekend autopsy

in the very harsh, sober light of day i feel i missed a couple of things. so here we go, the absolutely fucking final, 2009 loerie award autopsy.

and hopefully last you’ll hear from me on this subject:

– my friends at wicked pixels went on stage. felt proud. and bonus, craig’s fabulous wife was there too. think she should have gone on stage with him, woman behind the man and all. also thought the wicked boys and girls did a great job on the visuals for the show.

– on first night the lady models handing out the awards in the background wore floor length white satin dresses and felt like beauty queens or brides or something. on second night they were dressed like dominatrix drum majorettes. way better.

– gloo also did spectacularly well. well done paula. lots of hard work paying off.

– clint bryce was the presenter for a few of the digital awards. was awesome to see him down there, he was my second art director ever, back in the day.

show highlight:
interviewer: so, are you the most creative person at Lobedu Leo Burnett?
vanessa pearson: well i am the executive creative director, so i should hope so!
interviewer: so how old are you really?
vp: (coquettish) how old do you think i am?
interviewer: sixty?
vp murders interviewer with the sheer intensity of her mortified and furious expression.

– sadly there were a whole heap of friends i didn’t actually get to see:

furious social networker khaya dlanga slipped through my fingers.
greg gray, anton visser, jason fialkov, hylton and fran tannenbaum, chuckles? where were all you guys? how about one of you throw a production house after party next year? bring some class to the joint. ang ramsay? grant davies? i missed all of you. maybe you’re still out there partying now? in fact maybe there was an awesome party i totally missed and didn’t know about and you were all there together. fuck that would suck!

– saw the cell c ad for the first time with the guy walking. just loved it.

– when i woke up on sunday afternoon i found an entire case (seriously 12 packs!) of natrodale milk thistle liver remedy (with herbal detoxifying formula and vitamins and minerals) in my handbag. where the hell did those come from?

– there was a tv campaign up there at some point that wasn’t made in south africa. which is nice to see. think it was done by leo burnett cairo. and i thought the credits were the best of the night, i can’t recall them exactly and i can’t find them anywhere on the internetweb. but a case of ‘natrodale milk thistle liver remedy’ goes to anyone who can find them and post them in the comments section below. wish i could remember them or had a screen shot. but this is what my memory gives me back today:
agency producer, commercial director and executive creative director were all the same guy. and they say men can’t multi-task!

– to sum up, it was a good event and good after parties. well planned and well executed. lots of police and guards everywhere making us feel safe and protected. although i suspect they were mainly there to make the capetonians not at the loeries feel safe and protected from us.

ok, it’s Yom Kippur, i’ve got to go repent for my sins now, so we can do it all again next year. well done winners and drunk people. it was fun.

4 responses to “a more sober loerie weekend autopsy”

  1. that was delicious. between your loerie blog posts and the tweets, there was some nostalgia there

    keep going. got my attention

  2. Anonymous says:

    thought I really would pee my pants at your show highlight. Wonderful – felt like I was there without the morning after regrets… best way to do it really.

  3. Hylt says:

    done! next year i’ll throw a production house party that’ll make your blog burst with naughtiness!

  4. Paige says:

    oooh, a bioscope loeries after party. i’m drunk already and it’s only starting in a year.


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