A map to offend just about everyone.

Stress Kitten found this map:

Bwaahahahahaha check out Australia and New Zealand.
And I love India.
In fact, they’re all good. Middle America is Freedom and Jesus. That cracks me up.
And Southern America is Tequila and Porn (The bad kind). As opposed to the Scandanavian countries which are all about the good porn.
Some kind of genius came up with this map.
Eish, we’re ‘More war’? Not loving that so much. Surely they could have kept Cape Town out of that broad generalisation. Aren’t we more about the mountain and pretty things as opposed to ‘More War’?
Oh well, something to work towards I guess.
Then I did another search looking for more crazy maps and i found this one:
It’s very cool, but totally racist.
I thought The World According to America should look a little more like this:
Right, is everyone suitably offended? Excellent.
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