A lightbulb moment

Great design gets me every time. Alongside being a definite word nerd, I’m a design nerd too. So when I got one of these from Consol, it was a real light bulb moment for me. 

It’s called a Solar Jar. And it’s a clever little fucker. Basically the lid is a solar panel, so you leave the jar out in the sun for a couple of hours. We left ours on a windowsill and that worked too.

Then when night time comes you simply connect the circuit by closing that little metal circle magnetty thingy to the circle on the lid, and voila.

It lights up, just like that. That’s my little Jacket, one of my very favourite little people in the whole world.
He says things like, ‘hurry, there’s a tiger over there in the bushes.’
and ‘quick, that’s a pterodactyl over there, you hold the light, I’ll get a sword.’
He was super impressed by the solar jar too, and thought it was magic. Which it sort of is.
If you get a lot of them and hang them in a tree in your garden it’s quite spectacular.
It’s just clever, smarty-pants design that’s not only beautiful, but functional too. I’m going out to get a whole horde of them to hang around my garden all summer so we can catch Pterodactyls.
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6 responses to “A lightbulb moment”

  1. That is awesome, i want some for the garden!
    Reminds me of the 2l coke bottle light that is becoming popular in some poor areas. Coke bottle with water and some bleach parked in the ceiling, and it’s as bright as a 60w light bulb 😉
    peace and love

  2. Just heard they are being sold at the Consol Shop in Woodmead, at 16 Waterval Crescent, Joburg

    And they might have them at the Consol Shop in Stellenbosch

    I suggest you call to make sure before you trek to either:

    Tel: +27 (21) 888-4000
    Call center: 08600 84000

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