A Girl Walks into a Bus

I’ve been in many busses before, but never on one.


This is a bus currently cruising around Barcelona, advertising the launch of A Girl Walks into a Bar, or rather, Una Chica entra en un Bar, as it’s referred to in Spain.


Urano, our Spanish Publishers,  seem to be having a lot of fun with it.


They’ve even been throwing condom and panty parties!


I’ve never actually been to an official condom and panty party. Although I’ve definitely been to a party where there were condoms and panties in the room at the time, so maybe I have.


Here’s some of the collateral from all over:


From left to right: French cover, Spanish cover, Italian cover, Swedish cover, Danish cover, and in the front Brazilian cover, and some sex dice… of course… as you do.

Anyone I know in Barcelona right now?



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