A crazy lady writes a crazy book

Self publishing. It can go either way.

My great friend Zwier allerted me to this recently self-published book:

You can buy it online for just $20.

Why you would want to pay to get to know another woman’s husband’s cock is beyond me, but hey, to each his or her own.

The author’s description of the book is as follows:
‘Getting To Know My Husband’s Cock is a love story in photogrpahs – nudes, landscapes and still lifes – that reveal a journey in self discovery.’

HEY CRAZY LADY! It’s called SELF discovery for a reason. Because it’s for yourSELF. Just you, nobody else. Not for me, not for my granny, not for my sister nor my uncle. That discovery is just for you alone. Stop sharing.

Okay, no seriously, to be fair. In the promotional video found here, the author says the book isn’t as much about her husband’s actual cock as it is about the couple’s journey in getting to know each other. Oh and they like to be nude a lot. So it is a little about his cock. But also it’s a metaphor type of thingy. (thingy, get it, get it? he he he)

Crazy? Mebbe just a leettle bit.

Here are a few spreads from the book:

Go figure.

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  1. Mandy_Fish says:

    My husband wishes I would write this book.

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