A big invention

Sit ups are awesome.Okay, no they’re not. I’m just saying that to try convince myself that they are, because there are many attempted sit up type things going on in my home right now.

Yeah, I don’t look anything like that when I’m doing mine.

It’s the only way forward if we are to make any headway in the fight against the stomach, which is a defiant beast.

However being the maths-tard that I am I struggle with the counting of the sit ups and the doing of the sit ups at the same time. 10… 11… 12… 13… 100 while more fun, isn’t going to benefit anyone.

So I had an idea for an invention.

It’s a button, like this one, that you place on your toes/knees (depending on flexibility).

And every time you do a sit up, you tap it. And it does the counting for you using a big digital counter:
Probs more likely to do 9.5 of them, than 9958 of them. But hell, let’s dream big.
Let’s go one step further and have it talk to you.
‘Come on lard ass, you can do better than that.’
‘Just six hundred more to go.’
‘Crickey, now I see why you need to do sit ups.’
Yeah that would help.
Better yet, let’s have it talk to you using the voice of a famous celebrity.
I want Eddie Izzard or Stephen Fry egging me on every night when I’m doing my attempted sit ups.
I’d better get my patent on. Maybe if I make millions out of it I can buy someone to do the sit ups for me.

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  1. AVY says:

    I get tired just thinking of it.

    / Avy

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