Less mud, more hills

Camino day two

Arrived in Arzua after my second 15km walk/limp/ass drag

FUN FACT: Arzua has more cows per capita than anywhere else in Galicia.


Must say I enjoyed today’s walk way more than yesterday, even though there were lots more uphills, my feet were killing me (turns out blisters on my feet are my Achilles heel), and it was pouring with rain for the whole second half. Feels like this rain is wetter than the rain we get at home, is that possible?

There were a lot fewer pilgrims along the way today, and I had the way to myself 90% of the time, which is the solitary amble I think I was after. Yesterday there were Americans and school tour groups everywhere I turned, so today was more the way I had imagined it would be.

The scenery is just magnificent and I have this constant sense of surprise and happy every couple of km when I realise that I’m still going strong.

Just acted out ‘how do I turn on the radiator in my room’ and ‘can I borrow a pair of scissors’ – my Charade Spanish is getting better every day.

Today I am grateful for:

– still my walking stick, same as yesterday.

– my Nike sports watch (don’t know how people do it without one – it stops my inner child from asking ‘how much further’ every ten minutes.

– the hair dryer in my hotel room that I’m using to dry my socks.

– and the Danish I nicked off the table at breakfast in Melide this morning.

Km – 15
Blisters – 2 (eina eina)

Now we rest, tomorrow we walk.


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