Camino day one

So, I’m here, if by here you mean absolutely in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere.


Arrived at 2am in Palas do Rei, so woke up with no idea where I was or what I was supposed to do. Good thing my walk doesn’t start today, I wouldn’t know what direction to go in.

Met a divine family of experienced Camino-ers from Jozi, who helped shed some light on just how ill-equipped I really am for this thing. So found the village and picked up some essentials:

– walking sticks
– needle and thread (for the blisters) – call me Nurse Nick, it’s a procedure, so gross, you don’t want to know.
– and a waterproof jacket and hood. (It is mucho rainy here)

The village is really quaint, nobody speaks English, and I mean nobody, so it’s perpetual charades, which is fun when you’re looking for a needle and thread, but you try acting out ‘Wifi’!

There aren’t really shops as we know them, its more nook and cranny than that.

I kind of wonder what the people here actually do? I haven’t spied a single ad agency.


Mostly rainy, spot of sun (as I stepped inside a wifi bar to write this)
0 blisters

But tomorrow we start proper.

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