Wish I'd written that.

When I was in my early twenties I used to buy Style Magazine, just for Darrel Bristow-Bovey’s column.

If it was a particularly good month, which it almost always was, I would tear his column out and put it in a flip file, which I still have.

I’m friends with him now, so I can embarrass him (and myself) by posting pictures to prove it.


He made me want to be a columnist, and I didn’t realise it at the time, but he taught me how to be a columnist too.

I’m still learning from him. Killer column in The Times today, Darrel. 

2 responses to “Wish I'd written that.”

  1. I bought his collection of columns (But I Digress) as a gift for my brother and ended up keeping it for myself. The man is a fantastic writer.

    • Ha Claire, I have that too. I take it when I’m flying JHB – CT sometimes, it’s the perfect short plane ride read.

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