wine, wine, wine.

La Capra is a new brand (and brand new) wine brought to the world by those smarty pantses at The Fairview Estate.

(Apparently La Capra means goat – see, every day is a school day. Although I have it on good authority that the wine is made of crushed grapes, and not of crushed goats as the name suggests.)

So last week I was stumbling around Wembley Square in Cape Town, trying to decide what to have for lunch (as one does) when I came across this oddly fabulous setting.

La Capra have created this crazy, mad wine-tasting set up. It’s very very cool. You climb inside that caravan (which is way bigger on the inside than it is on the outside *weird*.) It’s all decked up inside and you can sit in your caravan and sip on a glass of wine. It’s very bohemianly (is that a word? If not it should be) civilised.

There were even these dudes making music, between chess matches.

It was like I‘d suddenly wandered into a Stanley Kubrick movie in the middle of my Wednesday.

The wine is inspired by the tale of a dude named Atilla Balebos, (from the greek for ‘Babelas’ i assume) which takes us back to a time of gypsy’s and outdoor village festival type stuff, farm culture and the kind of carnival lifestyle vibe.

Now listen up. The wine is delicious, and it’s a bit of a cool thing to experience. So if you’re around Wembley Square tomorrow (Tuesday 29th June) see if you can’t pop in for a toot. It will make your day. (As booze so often does!)


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