When two worlds collide

I just had a very bizarre, out-of-body experience.

Two of my worlds collided. It’s never happened like this before, so I’m a few emotions at the same time.

You see work-wise I tend to lead a bit of a double life.

I have a day job as a writer in advertising, that I love. And then on the side I do my ‘other writing’ which is the books, and the weekly Sunday Times column that I’m lucky enough to get to write every week. And I work very hard to keep the two lives separate, you know, just to keep things tidy.

But about fifteen minutes ago, they collided for the first time in a most bizarre way.

I was a little late getting to the paper today, because I was away for the long weekend. So I was only just now settling down with a cup of my very favourite tea (Toni Glass, try it if you haven’t you won’t be disappointed) and the newspaper.

I don’t know about you, but I have a Sunday paper ritual. I skim the front cover, and then head straight for the Lifestyle Section, where I read Ndumiso’s column first (and berate myself for not being as funny as him), then I turn the page…

Today I was faced with this:

business as usual up top, something new down below.

On top is my usual column, in it’s usual place. Below it, an ad I wrote for wonderful bestest client, Allan Gray, together with my work partner at King James ad agency, clever Art Director, Karin Barry-McCormack.

Two worlds colliding on one page. Never happened quite like this before.

It’s like when your work friends and your old school friends meet for the first time. Slightly awkward, and a little uncomfortable at first, but strangely satisfying once everyone has settled in a little.

5 responses to “When two worlds collide”

  1. Errol says:

    Bet the newspaper got top dollar for putting the ad on the same page as your column…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Full Paige

    • ssr says:

      Best pun I have ever heard. Brilliant

    • 3135106223 says:

      Next page, err … “Next, Paige!”

      “Toni Glass”, clearly for those who don’t imbibe “Charles Glass”, and for those whose ritualistic convictions dictate that that life is too short for 0xBADDECAF.

      Follow the golden thread …

  3. Paige says:

    Ha ha ha anonymous, that’s brilliant. 🙂

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