unacceptable art

you can’t see me right now, but i’m shaking my head.

I consider myself a serious writer. Okay what i write isn’t very serious, very often, but you know what I mean.

Anyway so I ummed and ahhed about blogging about this, and then I thought, oh what the fuck. If i can blog about a devil shaped dildo, then why not this too.

If there’s one thing i’ve learnt in the year i’ve been blogging (Yay, it’s been a year, happy birthday blog, I’ll buy you something pretty some time soon, promise.) it’s that there’s a never ending supply of smut online, and also that lots of people have way way way way way too much time on their hands.

here’s an example of what some of those people have been busy making with their too much time:

Yes *she hangs her head in shame* it’s ‘Tampon Art’. And i found it online.

What is wrong with these people? Do they not have paper to draw on?

Did their mother’s never love them?

Did they get dropped on the head as babies?

Or do they just have way too much time and a bag full of pipe cleaners?

Am I wrong, or is that Jesus Christ on a motorbike made out of a tampon? And check the sandals. Someone’s really gone to a lot of trouble here.

judging by the hand and the handiwork i’d say these were both made by the same woman.


he he he he, I couldn’t help laughing at that one. At least it’s vaguely conceptual. Vaguely.

and that’s not bad. I mean if you’re going to make characters out of tampons, I suppose it’s kind of funny to make the grim reaper.

I’m sorry, I do apologise. Clearly a year in I’ve hit an all time low.

Somebody asked me recently if there was anything I wouldn’t blog about.

after this, i guess not.


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