time to get naked in the shower with a guitar

sometimes i don’t completely get some of the things i find on the internetweb.
this is one of those times.

can someone, anyone explain it to me please?

is it meant to be porn?
is it meant to be music?

musical porn? it could be a whole new genre of performance. phantom of the labia. or grease (insert dirty laugh here. ooh i said insert. suddenly everything is dirty.)

oh wait, i’ve digressed. back to this.

there’s this website i found on the internetweb: wetriffs.com

as i said, i don’t really get it, and it’s a little strange.

the maker of this website says: (and i quote here for authenticity) ‘lamenting the lack of guitar-in-the-shower pictures on the internet, I put up this site for people to create and submit them.’

there’s a lack of guitar-in-the-shower pictures on the internet? really? to be honest i hadn’t noticed. i’ve probably just been too busy looking at naked pictures of men. of which i must tell you there doesn’t seem to be a lack at all. in fact they are quite generous and bountiful and well-built.

so back to naked doods and chicks in the shower with guitars.

here are some of the pics off the site. and that’s all it is really. people have submitted pictures of themselves in the shower with guitars.

quoi? anyone, anyone?

i like that one. she’s really feeling it, and those droplets look cool. i haven’t judged too many ‘in the shower with a guitar’ shots in my time, but i would imagine this is quite a good one.

ok, another one doing the rocker symbol with his fingers. although dude, i’m sure you have to lose some points, that’s not a real guitar, is it?

shower – check. guitar – check. chick trying to do bad porn – check. that poor guitar. and you have to wonder who’s taking these pictures. a boyfriend? a flatmate? a mom? yeah, weird.

um… extra points for some nipple, am i right? but you’d think if she’s going to go to all this effort she could have taken off her glasses and left her hair loose.
do you think maybe she spilled some spaghetti bolognese or tequila or something on the neck of her guitar?

okay lady, you aren’t kidding anyone. the shower isn’t even on.
what do you think was in her hands before they comped in the guitar? i have some ideas.

bwahahahahahahahahahahahah *breathe* bwahahahahahahhahaaha my absolute favourite one. mainly because it looks a lot like a guy i work with. not sure i’m ever going to be able to look at him the same way again. i’ll be sitting across the boardroom table from him, imagining he’s naked in the shower with a guitar, how do you explain that smile on your face in a meeting?

i think this guy is more into the guitar than he is the shower. although he is definitely making love to the camera, in his own special way.

now we’re talking. two chicks in a shower with guitars. wait, that sounded like a euphemism for something entirely different.

where is she standing? that must be dangerous. i mean don’t get me wrong, i think she’s done a sterling job with this one, i just can’t imagine it’s particularly safe. they should have taken the photo two minutes later with her lying concussed on the shower floor, being electrocuted by her electric guitar. rock on, rock fingers pose!

yes yes yes, now that’s a naked-in-the-shower-with-a-guitar pic/pick! (sorry but i had to pun. he was asking for it.)

hmmm dunno about all of you, but i can’t remember the last time i showered in a bikini. sorry allanis, doesn’t work for me.

rock on fructis guy, rock on.

i suppose some guys just need a bigger guitar than others 🙂

you do know what they say about a man with a big guitar, don’t you?

that can’t be good for the guitar. really, i’m not joking. anyone out there knowledgable about the affects of marginally droopy naked breasts on an electric guitar? i don’t think the water is all that good for it either.

there’s just some freaky deaky shit going on out there. don’t you just love it?

well at least now there are pictures of ‘naked-people-playing-guitar-in-the-shower’ on the internetweb, phew, tragedy averted.

7 responses to “time to get naked in the shower with a guitar”

  1. I had been wondering when these would be more readily available. I mean, as in, “When are MY needs going to be met!!!???!!!” Thank the whatever that this kind(re:fucking crazy) gentleman finally got his site up and running so I can view these brave and beautiful(re:fucking crazy) people posing bravely for my pleasure. Thank you for bring it to my attention(re:causing my eyes to bleed) *have a great weekend*

  2. you should know by now that i might make your eyes scald here. been trying to figure out how to put up a warning of that nature on blog for before people read the posts. don’t want to do that access warning though.

    anyone have any ideas?

    i suppose it’s a smut warning of sorts.

  3. EH??! Imagine going through all the trouble and expense of raising offspring, only to have them spend their time publishing odd photos of themselves (boob droop included) for complete strangers to laugh at.Wow.Must suck that….

  4. yeah must be tough being a parent. you make something, and then from a certain point (around 14 i’m guessing) you begin to have zero control over what it does to/with itself. bizarre concept.

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