Time for your annual Cat Scan.

You can think about it all you want, but at some point you just have to accept the fact that some things on the Internet simply don’t have a reason for being.
They are there just because, and they are awesome, and we are grateful, end of story.
Like planking and meme’s and ripping off Justin Bieber and Chuck Norris.
This is one such thing. It’s a website called:
It’s pretty simple really:

1) Catch your cat.
2) Hold it down on the scanner.
3) Press the ‘scan’ button.
4) Locate plasters to put on your multitude of fresh cat scratches.
5) Email image to Cat Scan website.
6) Laugh a bit.
7) Carry on with your life.

You put a jersey on your cat? Shame on you crazy lady!

kitteh has teh furry goodness

Heeelarious. Unless you’re the cat who has been disturbed from his 12 hour day-nap to be pressed down on a scanner. Then probably not all that funny.

Go check it out here, there are dozens. Then go scan your cat.

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