time for more rad stuff off the internetweb.

it’s random. it’s stuff. it’s off the internetweb. there’s not much more to say about it. hope you enjoy.

3 responses to “time for more rad stuff off the internetweb.”

  1. po says:

    Cool stuff, that second to last one, is it from The Great Gatsby?

  2. Paige says:

    yes it is. wow po. that’s impressive. (i didn’t know, i had to google it.)

    btw, love the poems on your blog.

    i like this from ‘rain’:

    “…there are different types of wet
    and being rained on is having your biscuit
    licked by a slobbery dog”

    love it.

    have you checked out figcrumbs by michael crowe?

  3. po says:

    Wow thank you! I don’t really consider them poems, if I write a real one I am normally too shy to put it on the interwebs.

    I only knew the Great Gatsby cos I studied it for a university course.

    I have never heard of fig crumbs, will go google it now!

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