the world's most racist desk.

the big guy found this, and i’m nicking it from him.
(the big guy in new york, not the big guy in upstairs.)

i haven’t asked big guy’s permission to nick it, but i thought i’d test that whole gentle giant theory. if i don’t post again you know he bent over and squashed me with his pinkie finger.

look at what they’re selling at target these days:

is this the world’s most racist desk?

what’s next? jewish girl’s toaster? white guy’s tennis shoes? coloured transvestite’s peanut butter and jam samwiches?

and does this mean that it was previously owned by a black kid, or that only a black kid can buy it? what if a white kid really really really needs a desk?

seriously target, there must be a way of wording that sentence so that it’s not completely racist. i’m not sure, maybe buy a hyphen, even some old brackets might do the trick.

thanks for finding this big guy. please don’t squash me.

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