The view from on holiday – part two.

So only akin to ‘do you want to come up and see my stamp collection’, I bring you part two of potentially the world’s most boring sentence; ‘Do you want to see my holiday slides?’
Only I didn’t do any bird watching (not birds in the classic sense anyway, more like some night birds and a couple of cocks.) so hopefully my slides won’t bore you to tears, or have you falling asleep in your coffee cup. Right let’s get started. Lights please, thank you.
One of my very favourite Dutch sights was this series of paintings in an art gallery in Amsterdam. I was there at night time so the gallery was closed and I could only take pictures through the windows, which is my excuse for why they’re such terrible pictures. sorry.

They’re paintings of made up fictionalised Penguin Book covers. Heart, heart, heart.

I’d really love to own a series of these and put them up in my home. Will have to get onto researching that immediately. Does anyone know anything about them?

Moving along swiftly.

This is a store in Amsterdam, called Paul Warmer.

Which is only really funny if you know this fact: I once had an Art Director (whom I loved dearly) named Paul Warner. Truth is, he could have done with being a little warmer.

Abraxas, This next one is specially for you. It’s a coffee shop I frequented while in Amsterdam:

(Sorry everyone here whose name is not Abraxas, I tried but I couldn’t find coffee shops named after all of you and smoke dope in them. I did try though. I put in a valiant effort.)
Also sorry it’s such a crap picture, Abraxas, but it was late and I’d just come out of a coffee shop, what do you want from me, dammit.

Now this next one is a great example of how to sell a book. Check out this shop window. An entire display dedicated to this one cook book. Love it.

And of course what day spent sight seeing would be complete without finding these in a street food market:

Chocolate tits and asses and vaginas and penises. Yum yum.

Chocolate vaginas. Hmmf, now I really have seen it all.

Do you think the mould comes from an actual vagina? They do look pretty realistic.

My Dutch isn’t great, so please correct me if I’m wrong. But I think that means ‘Massive Genitals’? Maybe, maybe not?

Five Euros! That’s pretty cheap for a Groot Penis. I’ve paid way more in my time.
Look, it’s a choc cock.

Bite off the tip bit first and then it’s kosher.

Hey, when they say ‘bite my ass’ in South Park, do you think that’s what they mean?

Alright, holiday over. Back to work people.

2 responses to “The view from on holiday – part two.”

  1. david says:

    You have joint, in an Amsterdam coffee shop, called me, take pictures, tell us about and then apologise??
    Oh dear girl you really have made my day 😀
    Lovin the pics btw … i must admit, europe is far wierder than they let on …
    peace and love

  2. Paige says:

    abraxas, that coffee shop is in the red light district. you’d love it. very very cool. x

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