the lol addiction

i know, it’s childish, but seriously these two things made me laugh until i weed a little bit and milk came out my nose (even though i wasn’t drinking milk at the time).

i’ve been thinking, i might have to stop using ‘lol’. it’s just not funny anymore. and i’m starting to irritate myself with it. it’s lol this and lol that, when surely a good old fashioned ‘wahahahahhaa’ or ‘that was funny’ would suffice. how do you laugh in writing anyway, it’s altogether a strange concept.

then there are lol’s close friends, ROFLMAO, not to be confused with the commedian ROLF HARRIS. who sang a song about having three legs. (FYI – he meant that he had a long penis).

anyway, so the point is that i’m restricting my lol use. i’m going to try cutting back at first, maybe from like a pack a day to only one or two and then hopefully down to nothing.

i hope quitting doesn’t make me put on weight.

does anyone know if they make lol patches?

3 responses to “the lol addiction”

  1. I use it myself but it is very annoying. Maybe just typing out Laugh will suffice? Laugh Laugh! Maybe not.

  2. Paige says:

    quite like the idea of typing out ‘laugh’, or maybe ‘funny’, although it still doesn’t quite have the same raucousness as actually laughing or doing that other thing i mentioned (i’d rather not use up the one or two i’ve got rationed for today so early.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    i use “lol” purely to irritate my 14 yr old daughter, works like a bomb!

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