The internet, a sick, twisted place I call home.

Oh Internet, is there any sick, twisted, perverted activity that you won’t document or encourage?
Take this thing that I recently found on you, dear Internet. Is it really necesary? Does it really help make the world go round?
Look, it’s a ‘Squeaky clean Enema Pin Brooch’:
Complete with ‘A beautifully handcrafted bronze derrier, copper enema bag, and sterling hose and inserter’.
‘…the perfect gift for nurses, nursing students or proctologists…’ or anyone else you happen to know who enjoys a good periodic flushing.
Haven’t you always wanted one? I know I haven’t.
And for just $75 a pop you too can have one of your very own, from Etsy. Here’s the link.
and here’s a picture of someone holding it (don’t worry, it’s ‘squeaky clean’), so you can get an idea of its size:
Pity I didn’t post about this before Valentines Day. What girl hasn’t always dreamed of getting an enema brooch of her very own from her dearest? What better way to say ‘I love you’ to that special someone. Or to prove how much you really dig their ass? I can’t think of a better way.

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