The hair of virgins

I live in Cape Town.

The other day i was driving up Strand Street, in the centre of town and I noticed this place:

It’s your pretty average, run of the mill South African beauty salon.

As the signs say, you can get your nails, hair or beauty done there.
Wait a second… what the fuck?

100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions?
Really? Seriously?
That’s some crazy shit.
That must be fucking expensive hair if it only comes from 100% virgins!
And what’s a 90% virgin? One has to ask.
So very many questions.
I’ve heard of cigars rolled in the thighs of virgins, but never this.
Do you think the hair comes with a certificate to officially declare that it comes from a genuine
And is virgin hair somehow different to non virgin hair? I wouldn’t know, i can’t remember that far back. Bwahahahahahhaha!
They also had this sign on their door:

See, they’re looking for a ‘Beauty Theraphist’ and also a ‘Shampoo Operator’.
I’ve been applying shampoo my entire adult life, i wonder if that qualifies me as a ‘Shampoo Operator’?
Ha, one more time for kicks:

Cracks me up every time!

2 responses to “The hair of virgins”

  1. The hair of young virgins …. crisis imagine how much that costs! wonder if they have a virgin farm, like for kfc? but vyv, very young virgins? 🙂

  2. But what does it really mean? Excuse the ‘duh’ question but… is it first time the hair is being used as extensions? (eeeeuw) did they grow it in a lab?
    Surely if I grow my hair long (takes years right?) and then cut it off and sell it for extensions = surely its years old, has been clubbing and in filthy recycled air containing airplanes etc etc – how can it still be ‘virgin’ hair? ugh.

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