The Emperor's new clothes

This is Lucy Hale at the People’s Choice Awards:

Yeah, I’d never heard of her either.

I Wikipedia-ed her.

She is an American actress and singer known for her roles in Bionic Woman, Privileged, Scream 4, and the hit series Pretty Little Liars. (Pretty Little Liars hasn’t hit here yet, but I’ve read the book, and I hear it’s awesome.)

But that’s not the point of this post. This is:

At some point some people had this conversation:

LUCY: So what do we think of this one? *Does a twirl.*
STYLIST: Oh my God! That is stunning. You just HAVE to wear it.
HAIR STYLIST: Totally Lucy, it’s like so hip, so you, so cool.
LUCY: You don’t think it’s a bit…
PUBLICIST: Oh my God! No! Not at all, it’s like totally stunning.
HAIR STYLIST: You look like a princess.
STYLIST: Totally! It’s bananas!
HAIR STYLIST: Wow, the way it’s long on one side, and short on the other…
PUBLICIST: I aggree, that’s the best part. And all that neck detail. It is so CLASSY!
HAIR STYLIST: Anyone got anymore crack?
STYLIST: Nope, but I’ve got a little meth left if you want?

Sirius! What were they thinking?

And they clearly had a similar conversation over in Kelly Osbourne’s dressing room:

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