the dentist

i see ‘the dentist’ has joined us.
good morning dentist.

think you can answer some of my questions about tooth tattoos?

you’ll have to scroll down a bit to check out that post because ‘mybrandedlife’ had to get some brain surgery so she’s been out of action. which means she still hasn’t shown me how to do that techno savvy thing, you know, that thing where you link the whatsit to the thingy. yeah, those are the technical terms.

let me tell you a little something about the dentist. the dentist is so smart that for every question you and i get, he gets two.

hey dentist, think you could do me a tooth tattoo of my very own? hmmm what should i get? a picture of myself seems a little vain, and one of lady di feels a little creepy. gonna have to think about this. i could get the full colour rooster, but i’m not sure i want a cock in my mouth 24/7, it’s bad enough i’ve already got a whole foot in there most of the time.


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