The ceramic vagina.

My good friend Lisa lives with her hubby and two gorgeous kids. I found this post on her facebook page this week and i laughed so hard I cracked a rib, so I had to copy and paste it for all of you.

All her words are in pink.

What do you do when you pick your 4 yr old up from school and she proudly hands you a ceramic vagina?

With the straightest face possible you say:
‘Gosh! Isn’t that lovely!’
And then you desperately hiss to another mother ‘What the hell is it?’
And she whispers back that it’s supposed to be a picture frame in the shape of a leaf.
And then she starts giggling uncontrollably and points to the rows of ceramic vaginas made by all the sweet innocent children.
I told you, heeeelarious.
A friend of mine who is a mom once told me that when you become a parent, you send all your garbage off to the school with your young child, and it comes back as art.


And once it’s ‘art’ made by the sacred hands of your l
ittle one, then it can NEVER be thrown away. Eventhough it is just glorified rubbish.
And it’s not just egg boxes that get the ‘recycling in the name of art’ treatment.
It’s also all forms of pasta and lentils:
any kind of shells:
And any old buttons:
Art or junk?
It depends who put it there.

6 responses to “The ceramic vagina.”

  1. wow i am depressed i cried sorry but pretty pics Love<~peter~>

    p.s. someones mom didnt keep the art it was junk to her

  2. Paige says:

    Aw Peter, i didn’t mean for you to cry, only meant for you to laugh.
    don’t worry, my mom didn’t keep my art either.

  3. Well, the world does need the next Ana Mendieta or Judy Chicago. Viva vulva art.

  4. So impressed you put this here – feel very chuffed right now.
    It’s so funny and true about not being able to chuck stuff out – I have two shelves already filled with “art” . And it’s growing…

  5. well that made me giggle:-)

  6. Paige says:

    Lisa, thank you for your story, it still makes me smile.

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