the blog crush

i have a blog crush.

his name is

i want his blog and my blog to kiss and make little bloglets. or maybe our blogs should rather use female condoms and just screw a lot.

here are some of his things. i stole them. don’t tell him otherwise he might get a restraining order and then i’ll be forced to admire from afar. and that would suck.

listen, if you go there and get a crush too… well just don’t. cos i saw him first.

5 responses to “the blog crush”

  1. jdean7ster says:

    well then I guess there’s no option left but to fight for him — bring it!

  2. where is the link? These are cool diagrams. I love the word “douchebaggery”

  3. wozzel says:

    oh dear. i like wearing pink.

  4. Paige says:

    ‘brave client’ likes to wear pink, and i like a guy in pink. i think we should ignore that one.

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