T-minus 25 days till blast off

We’re all systems go for the launch of A Girl Walks into a Bar, the first in our series of Choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels, which launches on 15th July.

We’ve got some super-sexy covers from around the world…

SA Cover

Awesome South African Cover

swedish cover

Sexy Swedish Cover

Higher res uk cover

Hot purple UK cover

A designer friend of mine said; ‘I like this colour purple, it’s very throbbing.’

If she thinks that’s throbbing, just wait till she reads chapter three!

We also have a Twitter page, and a Facebook page. So we’re getting all dirty and chatty all over the interwebs, if you want in on any of that.

And Stephanie Katz over at CapeTownMagazine.com wrote this fab piece.

And last but not least, the first book is now available at Amazon for pre-orders, so if you live in the UK you can be the first to get your Kindle screen all steamed up. It’s a pretty good price too, when last did you get off for just £2.99?

So, I’d say we’re just about ready to go. Shew, I think I need a cocktail.

Watch this space for more international covers, launch news, and hopefully some reviews.

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  1. Wesley t says:

    it is rather throbbing…

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