some very norty cartoons.

somebody cool and fabulous and amazing sent me a link to this internetweb site called ‘the blake wright’.

‘miss pipp’ was it you? i can’t remember a hundred percent because it was a while ago. well thank you. it’s funny.

this guy draws some cool cartoons that make me smile.

some are funny, some are cute, some are sexy, some are meaningful, and some just are.

i love this. it highlights a completely different way of thinking that really turns me on.

as a sudden aside, i saw this german designer guy talk at the design indaba yesterday and the fridge note above reminded me of something he talked about.

one of the projects he’s worked on was designing the corporate id and some products for a time travel store (i know crazy, would take too long to explain.)

here’s a picture of the store front he designed:

don’t you just love that line: ‘whenever you are, we’re already then.’ GENIUS.

anyway, but that’s not my point. my point is this; they designed this ‘Time-freeze hyper slush’ machine below. but on the day of the launch it broke down. so they put this sign on it:

‘Out of order. Come back yesterday.’

endlessly cool i think.

how come i never get the brief to come up with ideas for a time travel store? hurumph.

anyway back to the very wonderful Blake Wright.
tee heee. go paris.

happy friday folks. miss you till monday.

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  1. Yes fighting fear is very hard:). I love the bullet points cartoon – it’s so cute! I wish I could have gone to the design indaba talks – lucky.. X

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