So in heart with:

Dear people who like to read blogs,
My astonishingly clever friends Emma and Warren have started a blog of their own.
It’s called:
(drum roll please)

So In Heart With

And I’m kind of so in heart with it right now.

That’s Warren on the far left. He’s a photographer, new baker, good dad, and all round nice guy.

In the middle is Emma, she’s good at lots of things, including drawing, sewing (she makes a mean kiddies superhero costume), being my friend, scheduling (she likes to tick things off) and being Lula’s mum.

And to the far right, is Lula. She’s good at playing, jumping, skipping, wearing cute clothes and singing twinkle twinkle little star. With all the actions.

So far they’ve only put up one project (you try get two perfectionists to agree that they’re ready to go live with a blog), but I have a good feeling about it. If you have a special occassion you need shot beautifully you should let them know.

This first project was to celebrate Carol and Luca’s Engagement, and they did such cute stuff. Go check it out.

Okay that’s enough cute stuff for one day, i’m off to google something nasty.

2 responses to “So in heart with:”

  1. Hellooooo… trying to catch up with your blog.. still loads to go. They sound like lovely people – they must be if they’re your friends :). Going to check their blog out now.
    Hugs dollypop xx

  2. Catching up with you… I’ve missed so much and missed you! Your friends have to be nice if they’re your friends :). Going to check out the blog now. Hugs dollypop xxx

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