Sarcasm is the highest form of wit

It’s friday.
Things are so crazy busy right now, it’s ridiculous.

So it’s the perfect day for Perfectly Sarcastic Signs. They come from this website, and they are pefectly, hysterically, classicaly sarcastic. I love them.

Have a quick scroll through, then fuck off and go back to work so you can have a weekend.

it says: Bill Posters is an innocent man. he he he.

I know. I barely wrote anything. This people, is a classic reblog. I simply copied and pasted it from somewhere else.

It’s probably lazy, pathetic and useless of me.

But it’s also farking funny, so too bad.

Happy friday lovelies. Now, back to work.

One response to “Sarcasm is the highest form of wit”

  1. david says:

    Perfect funnies for a monday morning!

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