No, not this post, I mean read this book:

I just finished it.

It’s phenomenal. Easily my book of the year. Wow, I absolutely loved it.

What a book, what a story, what an epic. Do yourself a favour and pick it up (if you can, at almost 700 pages it’s a bit of a doorstop) but you won’t regret it for a second.

I would love to know where he started on this? What was the seed of the idea for him?

It’s an astonishing work.

Have I kissed Abraham Varghese’s ass enough yet? No I don’t think so.

Truly, it’s incredible.

It’s got a mission hospital in Adis Ababa in the 1930’s, it’s got a nun called Sister Mary Joseph Praise. It’s got a sea voyage, it’s got a surgeon. It’s got some deaths, and the birth of twins. It’s got tragedy, comedy and ecstacy. It’s got three or four generations. It’s got New York City in the 80’s. It’s got everything a good story needs, tension, surprise, mystery.

heart, heart, heart.

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