This somewhat leathery-looking dude is Pricasso.

Not sure who the bimbettes are. But probably something like Trixie (with hearts above the ‘i’s’) and Candi-with-an-i-not-a-y.

I found Pricasso lurking in one of the particularly grubby corners of the internet.

Yup, he paints with his prick.

That’s what he does.

One has to wonder how he originally got started doing this.

Did he just run out of paint brushes on a particularly rainy thursday and decide, hell, I’m not going out there and down to the shops in this downpour. What the fuck, think I’ll just paint with my dick! Why not? Then whip it out, dip it in some cyan and bang, the rest is history.

He lives in Australia, and for a fee he’ll happily come to your party and spend the night slapping his dick at your Mother-in-law, or your boss, or even your brother.

That poor little penis. That really isn’t the kind of work it was designed for.

I mean I know penises like to be tossed around a little bit, but not quite like this.

I wonder if he’s married? Bet he never gets blow jobs anymore. That taste, yuck! And paint definitely isn’t edible. It would be a dangerous job to give.

Now let me think… would I like my face painted with a penis… hmmm, my jury is out, but I’m thinking – no, not so much.

Although the detail he manages is quite remarkable. Must be a flexible little guy.

And bet he saves a shitload on dry cleaning. What with all the nakedness and stuff.
His website is here. But I warn you, it’s kinda skanky.
And visit youtube and search for him, if you want to watch videos of him actually doing it.

6 responses to “Pricasso”

  1. So many questions, so little time! What if he’s having a bad arse day? What happens if he’s attracted to his subject – do you end up having to accept a painting done in broad strokes, so to speak? I popped onto his site & found out that the backgrounds are all bum-prints – for the love of god, man, why?? I’ll stop before my brain implodes. This is the same guy that always pitches up at SEXPO’s isn’t he? There can’t be more than one Pricasso, surely…

  2. Ah, look at that…
    Bum prints. Funny story about that. Graham Norton held up a “painting” a woman sent in, painted using her “fanny.” I looked at it and said to husband, “That does not look anything like a fanny.” Husband then had to explain that while in the US both men and women have fannies, in the UK and SA only women have fannies. A light dawned…aw, divided by a common language. Dick, bum to fanny art…what’s left?

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