Photobombing is awesome.

Just in case you’ve been wearing a bonnet and living with the Amish for the last year, photobombing is when you wait till someone is having a photograph taken and you jump in the background and pull your pants down, or pull a crazy face or something.

It’s totally awesome.

The best part is imagining the person’s face when they see the photograph and realise they’ve been bombed.

There is a website full of them over here.

There’s just nothing quite like a well timed photobomb. And the more posy the ‘victims’, the better.

A photobombing isn’t always intentional, sometimes it just happens naturally, like this:

Can’t tell if this next one is intentional or not.

Pose girls, pose, you never know when there’ll be an old white guy picking his nose behind your back. All the styling in the world can’t fix that.

That one is one of my very favourites, this guy should spend the rest of his life running around made up like that popping up in different people’s photos all over the world. it would be the ultimate internet me me.

Ah, a future professional photobomber in the making.

Photobombing on TV, love it.

A bit of a photobombing buffet to follow:

And look, it’s not just humans who photobomb:

Pets can photobomb too.


2 responses to “Photobombing”

  1. Dinx says:

    Oh no Paige – I hate when ppl do that to me!!! Bwahaha.
    I’m usually behind the camera and so many ‘things’, pets and people photobomb my subjects – (usually) not intentionally – but so frustrating! LOL

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