the wonderful ‘mrs pie’ was the first to spot this.

it ran in the cape times on friday morning. the lekker folks at wordsworth books came up with it and ran it.

i had no idea it was happening, so it was a really cool surprise.

i can’t get it to go bigger when you click on it. (how the hell do you do that?)

so here’s a little bit of it in close up:

it’s a good thing my name isn’t ‘Back’ (Back-turner!) or ‘Off’ (Off-turner!) – naaaaice. remind me to thank my parents later.

blogger has been very glitchy the last couple of days so i’m struggling to get my posts up. but have some cool posts planned for this week, so holding thumbs blogger plays nice.

have a good monday.

2 responses to “paige-turner”

  1. abraxas says:

    And if i offered to “turn your paige” you’d slap me. Typical.
    Nice one, i’m seeing your name more and more lately in the press, keep it up! 🙂

  2. Paige says:

    actually abraxas, i’m quite partial to having my Paige turned 🙂

    thanks man, the book has had so much lekker press, am really chuffed about it.

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