Okay I'll take that cocktail now.

Is it just me or has this year been caharayzee!
I can’t believe it’s mid-November already.

When I look back, parts of the year have inched forward like a very slow snail on strike, whilst other
parts (probably the majority of it) have hurtled towards me, and then passed me by like a train, off it’s rails, on tik.

A friend recently sent me this:

I think it came off Pinterest, thank you whoever made it. Let me know if it was you and I’ll attribute.

Now let me just be clear here, it hasn’t been a bad year, A lot has been achieved that I’m massively proud of. It just hasn’t been an easy year.

It’s been massively busy and full of trials and brave, sick friends who have mountains to climb, and the usual shenanigans that life throws at us, and some personal (and might I add unsuccessful) attempts at gaining balance and adjusting to the shifts the universe is sending us. (I’m not a hippie, really I’m not, but any idiot, even a non-hippie capitalist one can tell that the universe is shifting.)

And to be honest I think I’m just about ready for my cocktail and a hammock now.

Bring on December.

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  1. Hey Paul, How cool is the internet that you could come find me and claim this work of art. sadly the link you provided is a fish one. can you repost the link please so i can attribute it to you correctly? ta.

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