of geniuses and butterflies

so i was at this place yesterday doing some stuff and i walked past this guy’s computer and this was his desktop pattern.

if you don’t think it’s awesome then you should see someone. seriously. call a doctor right now. here’s my doctor’s number just in case you don’t have one of your own: 021 4395852. it’s dr waynik. tell him you saw this image and it didn’t make you feel anything. he’ll know what to do.

so i introduced myself to the guy on the computer. (luke) and asked him where he got this illustration of awesomeness and he guided me straight to the internetweb.

here are some different colour versions and a close up of the illie, so you can get a good look.

anyway, i like it so much i posted it to my blog.

it turns out luke likes it so much he got it tatooed on his arm.

luke, that’s just a level of commitment i can’t live up to. but does it help if i tell you that i really really like it a lot. really. a lot.

so it was designed by this guy – Jason Byron Nelson. who has enough talent for you and me and your sister and all your mates combined even the crazy one with all the piercings.
thank you luke. it was lekker to meet you. and thank you jason byron nelson. you rock.
in other news, it’s friday!
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  1. A buramese man told me that when you die your soul turns into butterflies and flys away.

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